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Double Major Programme (JS4750)*


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) (CUHK(SZ)) are launching a comprehensive Collaborative Double Major Programme with Aerospace Science and Earth Informatics as one of the majors.

CUHK students enrolled in the four-year programme will pursue a major in Aerospace Science and Earth Informatics at CUHK along with another major from among specific academic disciplines (Engineering, Science and Social Science) offered by either CUHK or CUHK(SZ). They will attend classes and participate in learning and research activities at both the CUHK Shatin campus and the Shenzhen campus.

In 2014, CUHK(SZ) was founded with the mission of providing higher education that bridges China and the world. It endeavours to cultivate innovative talents with a global perspective and who values Chinese cultural traditions and social responsibilities. CUHK governs the academic standards of CUHK(SZ), ensuring that teaching and learning are at the same high level as on the Shatin campus.

* The programme is subject to approval by the Senate of CUHK.

Major Theme

The Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Science and Earth Informatics offers a comprehensive programme that aims to unravel the mysteries of outer space and our own planet. This highly interdisciplinary undergraduate major combines the realms of aerospace science and Earth informatics, equipping students to harness the power of data and invent innovative solutions to explore the outer space and to safeguard our planet Earth.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Aerospace science encompasses the scientific exploration, development and application of technologies to study and navigate within and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Earth informatics combines knowledge of Earth sciences and skills of geospatial data science to understand and monitor the Earth’s environments and changes. Integrated within a coherent, interdisciplinary programme, students are able to gain an in-depth understanding of the intricate interplay between space exploration and the Earth’s environment, acquiring expertise in satellite and aerospace technologies, remote sensing, geoinformatics and geospatial data analysis, machine learning, atmospheric and space physics, environmental and climate change monitoring and modeling.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Students will be prepared to step into a world of ample career opportunities, with skills and knowledge sought after by aerospace companies, space agencies, environmental consulting firms, geographic information system (GIS) companies, government agencies, research institutes, and NGOs. Students will also be ready for advanced studies in the Earth and planetary sciences, space physics, climate science, aerospace engineering, information technology, and data science.

Unlock Boundless Opportunities

As part of a double-major programme with CUHK (Shenzhen), students will take advantage of a second major to become more specialized in a field related to ASEI, including but not limited to aerospace engineering, Earth and climate sciences, new energy science, space physics, data science, geographic information science, and natural resource management.

Curriculum Structure

CUHK admitted students
(CUHK as home campus)
CUHK(SZ) admitted students
(CUHK (SZ) as home campus)
First Major BSc in ASEI The Admitted Major
Second Major Choose one from the participating majors offered by CUHK or CUHK(SZ) ASEI


  • A broader range of academic opportunities: ASEI equips students with knowledge and skills across boundaries with breadth, while the other major in a related discipline enables in-depth studies
  • Flexible course taking and valuable learning experience on two campuses (Shatin and Shenzhen)
  • Exposure to two major Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities, with credit-bearing experiential learning opportunities
  • An engaging and overlapping experience for the same cohort of students following a standard study pattern, augmenting students' network-building capabilities
  • Guaranteed admission to the Co-op programme to gain full-time work experience with pay
  • Strong and fruitful industry connection

Study Pattern (tentative)

Period of Study and Fees

  • Normative study period: 4 years
  • Spend 2 years in CUHK and 2 years in CUHK(SZ)
  • Students can access a list of substitute/equivalent/alternative courses between CUHK and CUHK(SZ) to complete the required and elective courses on either campus, following a well-designed study pattern, to fulfill the graduation requirements of home campus.
  • Award the degree of the first major at the home campus upon completion of all degree requirements of the home campus
  • Tuition fees: To be paid to home campus

Frequently Asked Questions


  • When is the launch date?
  • The ASEIDM programme will be launched in 2024/25 academic year.

  • Who should apply to the ASEIDM programme?
  • This programme targets for elite students who are:
    1) have a passion for aerospace science and a curiosity about Earth informatics.
    2) keen to build knowledge and skills in data analytics and informatics to address environmental challenges.
    3) interest in data science, geospatial data analysis, remote sensing, or environmental science.
    4) eager to expose to new challenges in other cities.


  • Is it necessary for CUHK students to choose a second major that is offered by CUHK(SZ)?
  • Students could have different choices of selecting either Shatin-based majors or Shenzhen-based majors, while still required to study at CUHK(SZ) for two years.

  • Do students need to choose the second major at the point of admission?
  • No. Students will choose the Second Major after they have completed one year of study.

  • If I study the ASEIDM programme, shall I earn a Bachelor degree from both universities?
  • You will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree from the admitted programme of CUHK or CUHK(SZ). For example, a CUHK student will be awarded a BSc in Aerospace Science and Earth Informatics; a CUHK(SZ) student will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree of the First Major programme. Both the First Major and the Second Major will be printed on the transcript and degree certificate.

  • Shall I be registered as a full-time student in both campuses and how much is the tuition fee?
  • If you are admitted by CUHK, you will maintain the status of a full-time CUHK registered student even when you are studying in CUHK(SZ); you will pay the regular tuition fee of CUHK but enjoy the welfare entitled for a full-time student in both campuses, and vice versa for CUHK(SZ) students.

  • How is the degree honour determined in ASEIDM?
  • The degree classification will be based on your performance in courses taken in both campuses.

  • Will it take me longer to graduate if I join the Co-op programme?
  • You will work full-time with pay during the work terms (summer break of Year 3 and first term of Year 4), i.e. from around May to December. With careful planning you will be able to complete all units for graduation within the normative study year. Advices will be given to you on how to devise an appropriate study plan.

Applying to ASEIDM

  • How can I apply for the ASEIDM programme?
  • For HK students: apply through JUPAS (with HKDSE qualification) or to CUHK directly through Non-JUPAS (with IB, GCE-AL etc.) channels.

    For International students: apply to CUHK directly through Non-JUPAS (overseas / other qualifications) . The requirements are similar to the Non-JUPAS (local) admission.

    For SZ students: apply through the admitted programmes at CUHK(SZ) that participate in the ASEIDM.

  • How many students are admitted to ASEIDM each year?
  • The target intake for the first cohort is about 40-50, with 20-25 each from Shatin campus and Shenzhen campus.

  • What is the expected HKDSE admission score for ASEIDM?
  • We don’t have the admission statistics for this newly established programme. However, we shall consider the best 5 scores in HKDSE for admission selection, and may release the expected score for reference before the announcement of HKDSE result in 2024.

  • I am currently studying in a programme at CUHK. Can I apply for an internal transfer to ASEIDM?
  • ASEIDM may consider nominations of Year 1 students from participating Major Programmes for internal transfer.

  • I am an international student studying in CUHK. Can I join the ASEIDM programme?
  • If you are a degree-seeking student at CUHK or CUHK(SZ), you are eligible for this programme.

Student Life

  • Is accommodation arranged for me during the period of study?
  • On campus accommodation will be provided to you during your study in the host campus, at a cost equivalent to other regular students. However, you need to go through the normal procedure of applying hostel accommodation during the study at your own institution (home campus).

  • Would I be able to join the College and its activities?
  • You will be assigned to a College on each campus and enjoy its facilities (include hostel, dining hall etc.) and College events.

  • Would I be able to apply for scholarships?
  • You are eligible to apply for scholarships and other financial assistance from your own institution (home campus).

  • Can I join exchange programmes offered in both campuses?
  • You are eligible to join the exchange programmes offered by your own university (home campus). However, you must pay attention whether the credits earned from attending courses in the exchange activities can be transferred to CUHK or CUHK(SZ). We would provide assistance to you to design a good and reasonable study plan.


  • Do I need to go through an admission interview process?
  • We plan to invite shortlisted applicants for an admission interview administered by the ASEIDM programme.

  • What should I prepare before attending the interview?
  • The ASEIDM programme is looking for students who have the following skills and experience, which need time to build and accumulate. Start the preparation well before the interview.

    1) Strong interest in aerospace science and earth informatics
    2) Skills and knowledge in relevant subjects such as mathematics, physics, data analysis, and geospatial technologies
    3) Good interpersonal skills
    4) Demonstrable self-leadership
    5) Good communication skills

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