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Programme Introduction

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of human nature. Psychologists are interested in how individuals perceive, interpret and respond to both their physical and social environment. They explore how these processes may vary across different personalities, developmental stages, mental conditions and social settings. The undergraduate programme balances theory and practical applications to provide students with essential knowledge and research methods required in the study of psychology, while providing a solid foundation for public service and further studies in psychology and related disciplines. The cross-cultural orientation of the Department’s teaching and research exposes students to international perspectives for their future career development in a global setting.

Psychology is closely related to other subject areas that involve the study of human nature. Students who are familiar with psychology will find it easy to pick up these other subject areas.

Craft Your Path

Our undergraduate curriculum is comprehensive, offering more than 40 courses in various research areas. In addition to core courses, such as General Psychology and Introduction to Statistics and Research Methods, the following five areas of concentrations are available:

  • Cognitive Science: The study of memory, cognition, language and human intelligence, and their neural underpinnings.
  • Education and Human Development: The psychology of personal growth, educational psychology, and the psychology of children, adolescents and adults from a developmental perspective.
  • Social and Industrial-Organisational Psychology: Social, cross-cultural, and industrial and organisational psychology.
  • Clinical and Health Psychology: Abnormal and health psychology, neuropsychology and related areas.
  • Training in Guided Self-Help for Low-Intensity Psychological Interventions: Application of evidence-based psychological principles in the treatment of common mental disorders and the promotion of mental health using the guided self-help approach.

This programme appeals to open-minded, motivated and energetic students who are interested in understanding and studying human nature from a scientific perspective. It also intrigues students with analytical minds who enjoy the process of conducting empirical research on topics related to daily life.

To equip students with inter-disciplinary knowledge and skills in social science, two four-year double-major programmes are offered:

  • B.S.Sc. in Journalism and Communication and Psychology Double Major Programme
  • B.S.Sc. in Psychology and B.A. in Linguistics Double Major Programme

Career Prospects

Benefited from a stimulating intellectual environment and a strong emphasis on scientific inquiry, a proportion of CUHK psychology graduates choose to pursue further studies in academic research or professional psychology. However, the training provided by CUHK psychology encompasses myriad transferable skills that prepare our students to excel across industry sectors. In particular, we focus on critical thinking, analytical and data management skills, and interpersonal and communication skills, and foster a sense of societal care and respect for diversity. These fundamental attributes and abilities are highly valued, regardless of the career path our graduates choose to embark on after graduation. Our graduates utilise these competencies in the government and disciplinary forces, welfare and educational organisations, finance and commercial settings, and art and creative industries, or as entrepreneurs. We are proud of our graduates who contribute their minds and souls to the betterment of the society in various ways. Our alumni showcase the programme’s influence, ensuring success in various fields, including:

  • Education
  • Commerce and Industry
  • Social and Public Organizations
  • Government
  • Further Studies

If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of getting accepted.


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