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CUHK is the only university in Hong Kong with a collegiate system. For many CUHK graduates, some of the fondest memories and lasting friendships originate in the Colleges. In these small communities, students enjoy close interaction with their teachers and grow with their peers. All full-time undergraduates at CUHK are affiliated with one of the Colleges. Each College is distinctive, but together they shape the character of the University.

The Colleges are congenial communities with their own hostels, dining halls and other facilities. All undergraduate students at CUHK are given the opportunity to stay in a student hostel for at least one year during their studies. Allocation of accommodation takes into consideration a student’s travel time to and from university, his/her home environment, and participation in student activities. Priority is given to specific groups of students, including key office bearers of the Student Union, the College Resident Associations and other student bodies.

50%+ of CUHK undergraduates reside in hostels
30+ hostels in our Colleges
9,000+ hostel places

The Morningside, S.H. Ho and C.W. Chu Colleges are fully residential, with all students living in the dormitories and having communal meals. The teachers and students of these three Colleges dine in their respective dining halls regularly, which greatly facilitates communication between the teachers and undergraduates. To provide care and service to non-resident students, Colleges that are not fully residential also maintain non-resident halls, which serve as places of rest and recreation, and enable their member students to organize hall-based activities.