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Taking pride in its culture of quality teaching, CUHK attaches great importance to teaching and learning, so that students can benefit from an education of the highest possible quality. The University is committed to continuous improvement of its educational quality to ensure that its students receive the best possible education.
Student satisfaction
with their overall
learning environment

CUHK provides a high-quality student learning experience, as evidenced by its consistent top ranking in the area of student satisfaction with the overall learning environment, measured by University Grants Committee (UGC), the official body which promotes excellence in the higher education in Hong Kong. At CUHK, student satisfaction is paramount, and it is evident in the strong rapport between students and teachers. The passionate teaching staff at CUHK are not only highly knowledgeable but also easily accessible, fostering an open-door policy that encourages students to seek guidance and support. This close teacher-student relationship creates a nurturing atmosphere in which individuals can thrive academically and personally.

CUHK professors
awarded the UGC teaching
award since 2011

CUHK is dedicated to providing quality education, which is reflected in the number of teaching awards. The University established its own set of teaching awards, including the University Education Award, the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award, the Exemplary Teaching Award in General Education, and Faculty Teaching Awards. These awards serve as a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering exceptional teaching practices and recognizing outstanding teaching staff. Furthermore, CUHK’s professors have also been recognized beyond the University, receiving prestigious territory-wide UGC Teaching Awards. Over the past decade, CUHK has consistently been ranked one of the highest in terms of the number of UGC teaching award scholars among local universities.


CUHK has a wide range of teaching facilities and resources aimed at making academic inquiry as smooth, invigorating and pleasurable a process as possible. The University has invested in a rich teaching environment, which includes The Learning Garden, providing 3D printing and scanning equipment, Interactive Classrooms, and high-performance multimedia workstations.