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International City

Hong Kong is well-known as one of the most multicultural cities around the globe. Not only can you experience the fusion of Chinese and English cultures, but you can also have a taste of the unique Hong Kong customs.

High English Literacy

Hong Kong is a bilingual city, where most of the residents can interact effectively in English. In addition to the opportunities for personal development this energetic city offers, you can enjoy the city’s world-class business environment.

Low Crime Rate

Hong Kong is famous for its low crime rate. Citizens and visitors can enjoy peace and security in the city.

Well-developed Medical System

The medical system in Hong Kong is of world standard. While it is not expensive to consult a doctor in a public hospital, most doctors – especially those on campus – cater for the needs of non-local students and can communicate in English with you.

Ample Employment Opportunities

If non-local graduates are hired by a company legally, they may be able to get a working visa offered by the Government of the Hong Kong SAR. Under the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG) policy, non-local graduates can stay in Hong Kong for 12 months after graduation without any restrictions to seek jobs. Please click here for more details.