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The Credit Unit System
  1. Benefits of our four-year (normative) curriculum
    The curriculum is built on a credit unit system, with flexibility and choices in both the selection of courses and the sequence and pace of electives.
  2. How it works
    The students’ year-level at CUHK is determined by their year of attendance for administrative purposes. But this doesn’t necessarily indicate the actual stage of completion of their studies. Students have the freedom to customize their studies based on their interests and circumstances.
  3. Outcome
    Students who complete the required number of course units and satisfy the graduation requirements of the Major programme and the University will be considered for the award of a Bachelor’s degree.

The University offers the following Bachelor’s degrees:
. First Class Honours
. Second Class Honours Upper Division
. Second Class Honours Lower Division
. Third Class Honours
. Pass

The degree classification is based on the students’ grade point average for Major courses and for all other courses.

Curriculum Design
  1. Duration and general structure
    With the exception of a few special programmes, the normative period of study is four years, and students have to complete 123 units and satisfy the requirements of each category. The overall curriculum structure is as follows:

    Major (including Faculty Package): 51–72 units*
    Minor (optional): 18–30 units
    Language – Chinese: 5 units
    Language – English: 8 units
    General Education: 19 units
    Understanding China: 1 unit
    Hong Kong in the Wider Constitutional Order: 1 unit
    Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking: 3 units
    Physical Education: 2 units
    Free electives: Remaining units
    Total: 123 units

    *For some professional programmes and programmes requiring more than four years’ normative period of study, the maximum exceeds 72.

  2. University Core
    The University Core enhances students’ capacity for lifelong learning and competitiveness. It develops numeracy, critical thinking, digital literacy, and proficiency in Chinese and English through courses in Languages, Digital Literacy, General Education, Physical Education, and Understanding China and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit:
  3. Major Programme
    Students gain specialized knowledge in their chosen discipline through the Major programme, enabling them to pursue a related career or postgraduate studies. The curriculum’s depth and focus develop high-level academic skills. A capstone course in every Major programme provides research/internship or a final-year project leading to a dissertation.
  4. Faculty Packages
    To expand students’ knowledge beyond their Major discipline, each Faculty (excluding Law) provides a Faculty package. This allows students to take up to nine credit units of courses within the Faculty outside their Major. These credits count towards their Major requirements.
  5. Minor Programme
    In the new curriculum, a coherent collection of 18 to 30 units in a discipline can constitute a Minor, and students can take up to two Minors, according to their interests and orientation.
  6. Double Major
    The Major programme is a culminating course that can take the form of research, an internship or other activities. Students can also pursue one or two Minor programmes or a Double Major, as well as a Double Degree.