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CUHK is the only university in Hong Kong that offers a collegiate system. The plethora of non-formal learning opportunities offered by the Colleges complement the formal curricula, nurture students’ interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity, and build up their confidence and sense of social responsibility. Scholarships and financial aid schemes are available to enable them to fully exploit their potential for personal growth.

Many graduates of the University have quoted college life as among their best experiences at CUHK. Explore Our Colleges:

Applicants who are admitted to a full-time undergraduate programme are asked to indicate their preference for a college affiliation.

When assigning new students to different Colleges, it is desirable that each College have students from different faculties and departments to facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas and to widen the students’ intellectual perspectives. The system for assigning new students to Colleges takes into consideration the preferences of students, their study programmes and admission scores. Priority is given to new students to be assigned to their first-preference College if either of their parents is an alumnus/alumna of the College.

While students are assigned college affiliation based on their preferences as far as possible, they may not be assigned their preferred College owing to the limited number of places available.