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Computing and Problem Solving

Like most of the youths nowadays, Sunny Lai is a technology lover. ‘I first got interested in programming when I had IT classes in secondary school. Since then I found that we can solve a lot of problems, such as communication and calculation, by computing. Therefore, I decided to major in Computer Science at CUHK. After spending four years in this department, I’m proud to say that I made the right decision.’

Established in 1978, the Computer Science programme has developed a comprehensive curriculum with courses covering various areas, including machine learning, database techniques, distributed systems, big data analytics, computer and network security, etc.

A double-degree programme in Computer Science and Integrated Business Administration is an option for students to broaden their horizons if they can fulfill the admissions requirements of both programmes. Student can use an additional year to gain the BBA degree after the completion of the BSc degree in Computer Science. Apart from having double majors, students are also welcomed to minor in other subjects according to their interests.

What Sunny had learnt during these four years went far beyond his expectation. Before being admitted to the Programme, he expected that the knowledge of computer science could only be used to solve mathematical problems, but he was amazed by how the knowledge could be applied to daily circumstances. ‘Not only have I acquired some solid knowledge in computer science, including the languages of programming, algorithms and theories of computer science, I have also built up an independent thinking and problem-solving mindset with the capability for self-learning, which is definitely beneficial for my personal development in the future.’

Supported by 36 devoted teaching staff, Sunny found the interaction between professors and students very precious during his bachelor’s study. ‘I am impressed by the professors. They encourage the students to talk to them, discussing and exploring more on the latest development of various fields in computer science, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and so on. They are open for comments from the students as well. They are always willing to listen to our suggestions and would work out optimum solutions together with us.’

Every year, the Programme admits 130 students who are curious about all kinds of computer systems and programming including computer-aided design, multimedia, information retrieval, data science, and bioinformatics. To help newcomers adapt to the Programme, the curriculum is designed in ascending levels. Students will start with introductory courses and hands-on projects in the beginning of the Programme, then advance to more challenging courses which blend theories and practical knowledge well. The ultimate goal of the courses is to nurture student’ critical thinking towards ethical, professional and societal issues associated with information technologies.

According to Prof. Michael Rung-Tsong Lyu, Chairman of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, most of the graduates would become software engineers or system designers for computer or product system advancement. ‘Many of them have taken up important positions in various organizations and companies, such as the HKSAR government, HSBC, Intel, Microsoft, IBM and Google. Our graduates are highly sought after in different sectors. . Particularly in the current AI era, computer scientists and software engineers are in demand for every business field. Apart from choosing to work in the industry, some graduates have entered postgraduate programmes in CUHK or in other world-renowned universities overseas,’ said Professor Lyu. Unlike most fresh graduates who look for employment, Sunny has a bigger ambition. ‘Upon graduation, I may operate a startup to apply what I have learnt and try to change the world.’

Published: Summer 2017
Last Updated: Summer 2018

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Students who completed Year 1 in BERGN, Non-JUPAS Senior Year Entry