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Communicating Across Boundaries

Globalization has posed challenges in almost every aspect of individual and social life. The media and journalism industries are not immune to such challenges. There is a high and increasing demand for well-educated professionals with strong communication skills and international perspectives.

To meet the strong demand of global communication professionals, CUHK’s School of Journalism and Communication joined hands with the School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex in the UK to launch a new Global Communication Programme in 2017.

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, the programme aims at nurturing future global leaders in the various fields of communications, especially journalism and creative and digital media. Prof. Francis Lee, Director of School of Journalism and Communication, said, ‘The programme is designed to cultivate in the students a global mindset and an ability to think globally and act locally. It also provides practical training on multilingual and multicultural competencies and professional skills in journalism and creative media.’

Main topics examined in various courses in the programme include the complex nature, processes and impact of globalization on media and the innovations associated with the development of new modes of communication in a transversal approach to media studies, journalism, cultural studies, global media management and cross-cultural communication.

Professor Lee remarked, ‘Applicants should have a deep interest in global issues and aiming to equip themselves with a cosmopolitan vision to be a future leader in diverse global settings. They should show their commitment in developing the ability to analyze local matters within the global context and collaborate with international partners.’

A leading higher education and research institution, the University of Sussex attracts staff and students from over 120 different countries across the world. The intake quota of the programme is 40, with 20 each from CUHK and the University of Sussex. The programme is unique in providing practical training and global learning experience for the students. CUHK students are able to interact with Sussex students through a digital platform. Learning materials will be shared on the platform and video conferences will be held for students to get to know one another before participating in exchange studies.

In their second year, CUHK students will spend a year of resident study in the UK. During the third year, Sussex students will come to Hong Kong and study with CUHK students.

Professor Lee said, ‘Under this arrangement, the students would acquire unique experiences of studying closely with students of diverse background for a prolonged period of time. On top of this, study trips and media agency visits will be organized to broaden students’ horizon and enable them to apply theory to practice.’

Students are free to further explore their interests or broaden their knowledge by taking elective courses at the School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK and the School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex or pursuing a minor in a related discipline at CUHK.

On the prospects of the graduates, Professor Lee pointed out, ‘They can either pursue careers in multinational corporations, transnational news organizations, global advertising and public relations agencies, global new media organizations, government and non-profit organizations, or further their studies in the area of global communication, international relations and related fields.’

Published: Summer 2017
Last Updated: Summer 2018

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JUPAS, Non-JUPAS Year 1 Entry, International