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All-Round Development

CUHK puts emphasis and resources on an all-round education and a whole-person development. It is the goal of the University that both formal curriculum and non-formal education contribute to the overall quality of our students and graduates.

1. Exchange and Outgoing Programmes

Exchange Programmes

  • 7,000+ outgoing exchange opportunities offered each year
  • 280+ exchange partners in 35 countries / regions

What can students get from overseas exchange:

  • Appreciate other cultures
  • Hone their language skills
  • Grow as confident individuals

View exchange programmes offered by:

Individual Colleges also offer different overseas studying opportunities:

Outgoing programmes to Taiwan and Mainland China are also available, organized by:

2. General Education

General Education

CUHK believes that a world-class university education has to include training in specialized subjects and inculcation of critical powers and cultural sensitivity, qualities that define an educated world citizen of today and tomorrow. General education, a key component of undergraduate studies at CUHK, is built upon a balanced approach to whole-person education that combines Chinese humanistic ideals and western liberal arts contents. General Education courses are provided by the University and individual Colleges:

3. I‧CARE Programme

I‧CARE Programme

The vision of the Programme is formulated on the basis of I‧CARE framework comprising the following five elements of whole-person development:

  • I-Integrity and Moral Development
  • C-Creativity and Intellectual Development
  • A-Appreciation of Life and Aesthetic Development
  • R-Relationships and Social Development
  • E-Energy and Wellness

The I‧CARE Programme adopts an integrated approach and supports a range of major categories of social and civic engagement programmes, including service projects and self-initiated social research projects; social enterprises and corporate social responsibility measures and university lectures on civility.

Learn more about the Programme

4. Student Support

Student Support

To facilitate the all-round personal development and growth of students, The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) strives to meet students’ progressive needs and help them realize their potential as they advance along their educational path at the University. A wide range of quality services, activities and external resources to students are provided.

More details on how OSA supports students