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Equal Opportunities

The University is committed to equal opportunities for academic pursuits. Students with disabilities intending to apply for admission can view the details of the comprehensive range of services and facilities available at the University from our website at:

Student Admissions

The University’s admission policy is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities. Admissions at the University are based on merit, using consistent selection criteria and are directed towards the selection of students who have the academic competence and motivation to benefit from the programmes which they intend to follow.

Students who declare a disability in their applications will be contacted by the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA), so that advice and assistance can be provided at an early stage. Prospective applicants may also approach the OAFA to discuss their needs and view the details of the services and facilities available on the University website. OAFA will ensure that applicants with disabilities will be provided with the necessary assistance during the application process.

Local school students with disabilities may apply for admission through the JUPAS Sub-system for Applicants with a Disability, which is intended for such applicants to find out as early as possible the special assistance and facilities the University could provide to them on their admission. It also helps the University to identify these students so help and advice can be provided at an early stage. JUPAS applicants may receive an offer through the Sub-system and they will be notified by the JUPAS Office. For details on JUPAS application through the Sub-system, please refer to the JUPAS

Scholarships and Financial Aid

There are various scholarship and financial assistance schemes which are designated for students with disabilities including the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Awards for Disabled Students, Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships/Scholarships for Disabled Students, Simon K.Y. Lee & Lee Chi Hung Scholarship for the Hearing Impaired Students, Li Kwan Hung Education Fund, etc.

Announcement will be made on our website when applications are invited.


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