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The History Department of CUHK strives to promote world-class research and teaching in the field of historical studies. We put great emphasis on diversity and freedom in academic pursuit, student-centred education, relevance of historical knowledge to daily life, and cultivation of cross-cultural sensitivity and global-mindedness.

Our curriculum integrates Eastern and Western learning with thorough understanding of the historical development and changes from the past to the present. It provides solid training for empirical study of national history and in-depth study of topical history. Our teaching and research in the fields of comparative history and public history illuminate and underpin the unique characteristics of cosmopolitanism and public concern in Hong Kong’s higher education.

To achieve these goals, we offer a comprehensive programme that covers a wide array of topics on Chinese history, world history, comparative and public history, such as Daily Life in Han China, Common People in Modern China, Trans-Pacific Connections in East Asia, War and Society, Gender and History, Cultural History of Food, Antiquities and Monuments in Hong Kong, and many more.

Student Sharing

LING, Kai Lun (Alan)

“What is the purpose of studying history?” Ling Kai Lun Alan, a senior student in the Department of History, believes that many students who major in history have struggled with this question. “Indeed, if we study history by only reciting facts that happened ages ago, learning history will not benefit us. History is more than the path left by the past. It influences the present and can shape the future,” Alan said. By studying history at CUHK, Alan has acquired the ability to analyse the connections between different historical events, realising how one thing leads to another and how history has shaped the modern world we live in.

“Studying history is just like being a sleuth: Digging through various kinds of historical sources for clues to reconstruct what happened in the past and how the past events influence us. We can even adopt new perspectives to approach a historical event that may be different from the conventional understanding. True, reconstructing a historical past may be difficult and even painful. But believe me, you will feel a sense of accomplishment once you reconstruct the past” Alan stated proudly as he reviewed what he had learned.

He also encourages prospective students: “CUHK History is the place for you to expand your vision of the human past! We offer a wide range of courses on Hong Kong, China, East Asia, Europe, and the world. Here is also a long list of special topics like gender history, the history of currency, and the history of daily life. I believe that you will find our programme fruitful if you want to explore history from a new perspective!”

Last Updated: Summer 2022