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The Integrated BBA (IBBA) Programme offers you the ultimate freedom to customise a curriculum that truly suits your interests and aspirations. The programme boasts nine concentration areas, from which you are at liberty to select your specialisation.

Apart from selecting up to two concentrations, you may also choose to pursue the Dual Degree Programme jointly offered by CUHK and IE University in Spain, IBCE, double degrees in collaboration with the School of Journalism and Communication, our newly launched Integrated BBA Programme and Financial Technology Double Major Programme, other double majors and minors as needed to achieve your dreams.

The programme’s prestige and flexibility attract students from all over the world, making IBBA students among the most diverse groups on campus. Enjoy exploring different perspectives on today’s most pressing topics and ideas alongside a high-achieving group of peers from diverse cultural backgrounds. As an IBBA student, you will also have access to a host of resources to enhance your learning. Tremendous overseas exchange opportunities, mentorship programme, partnership courses and internship opportunities are ready vehicles that will groom you to tomorrow’s business leaders amidst innovation and change. You will form strong relationships across the business world and have the groundwork laid for a fruitful and professional network.

The Flag in a Flagship

Among the many flagship programmes pioneered by CUHK, the undergraduate business administration programme offered by the CUHK Business School since 1963, the year the University was established, is the first of its kind in the region.

The School has now developed into a leading business school internationally and in the region with over 100 faculty members and an annual intake of over 800 promising young men and women tipped to develop into global business leaders for the Asian Century. Its Integrated BBA (IBBA) Programme, the programme with largest annual intake among all business programmes, offers a flexible curriculum and comprehensive exposure to all aspects of business administration, which enables its students to succeed in a wide range of professions. IBBA is distinctive in that it equips students with both broad-based knowledge and specialised expertise.

Dr. Fred Ku, Co-Director of IBBA, said, ‘Along with in-depth business knowledge, we also equip our students with a repertoire of professional skills like leadership, analytical thinking, problem-solving as well as presentation and communication skills. All these skills are essential for personal development and workplace success.’

CUHK Business School offers an ideal environment where students can learn and equip themselves with knowledge in various business aspects and enjoy the numerous opportunities to find their future pathways. Henry Lam, who has just finished a full-time internship, said, ‘The programme nurtures students to be leaders in a rapidly changing world. With the flexible curriculum, I am able to gain expertise in specific concentrations such as finance. Together with broad-based knowledge in other business subjects, I am able to acquaint myself with the cutting-edge knowledge and best practices in business and have grown confident of performing to excellence in future.’

IBBA students can freely choose from 9 concentration areas:

  • Business Analytics
  • Business Economics
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management of International Business
  • Marketing
  • Big Data and Quantitative Marketing
  • General Business
  • There is no quota to any concentration. Students can choose at most two areas of concentration according to their interests, strengths and aspirations, and declare their concentration(s) in their final year of study.

    The IBBA programme offers a wide range of options for students with different aspirations. A student may graduate with a BBA degree with (a) specialisation in one concentration; (b) specialisation in two concentrations; (c) double majors with another business programme (Professional Accountancy, Quantitative Finance, or Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis); or (d) minors discipline offered in the University.

    To further support our students to expand their global vision and networks, IBBA first launched the Dual Degree Programme (DDP) in the 2019 academic year, in collaboration with the IE Business School of IE University in Spain. IBBA students can apply to the DDP by the first term of Year 1. Successful applicants will spend two of the four years studying at the partner institution and will be awarded two degrees, one from CUHK and another from the partner institution, upon completion of the programme.

    Alternatively, students may opt for International Business and Chinese Enterprise (IBCE), a stream under IBBA. IBCE is a joint programme between the CUHK Business School and the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina (USC), where students spend one of their four years of study. It is the first and only undergraduate programme in Hong Kong with an emphasis on international business activities between the US and China. It aims to train a group of future business leaders equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the complex yet delicate business environments in China and the US. In IBCE, students are offered exclusive opportunities to explore the world and business through study trips, as well as rare opportunities to upskill their transnational mindset by working abroad.

    As a member of our first batch of students in the Dual Degree Programme – Integrated BBA (CUHK and IE Business School in Spain), Henry Lam Tat Hin was one of the participants in the IE Honours programme. Henry described his journey at the IE Business School as fruitful and meaningful: ‘The school really put a lot of emphasis on innovation and changes, with a great mindset to embrace changes in this fast-changing world. This really widened my horizon while carrying out different projects with the students there.’

    Henry also emphasised leadership and teamwork: ‘The collaborative environment on campus enables students to work as a team and be team players. As a leader, you should be conscious of how your members feel, providing motivation to enhance the group’s morale.’

    Dr Ku said that IBBA is not only about classroom learning: ‘Global experiential learning is an essential component of the IBBA curriculum. Our students are highly encouraged to immerse themselves in cultural exchange programmes such as international exchanges, overseas learning trips, international case competitions, and global internships. Our personal development and career planning support also provide students with all-round skills essential in the real business world.’

    My study at IE Business School was memorable not only because of the study abroad programs but also because it developed my personal journey through various extra-curricular activities. Developing your full self in addition to your academics provides a great, fresh exposure that is worthwhile.

    Henry Lam, CUHK-IE BBA Dual Degree Programme

    Over 80% of IBBA students undertake overseas exchanges in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Over 95% of CUHK Business School students take internships before graduation in fields such as accounting, banking and finance, consultancy, internet technology, tourism, and hospitality.

    Henry pointed out that overseas exchange programmes not only widen your exposure, giving you a taste of a completely different educational system, but also utilise the strength of creative mindsets from foreign universities to provide inspiration to practice business theory in real life. He commented, ‘Foreign universities aim to spark a sense of innovation in students, allowing them to incorporate crazy ideas with feasible planning and structure.’

    The IBBA programme gives students a wide range of flexibility to develop practical knowledge and put learning into practice. It provides a great platform to nurture future entrepreneurs with inspiring ideas and create bright futures in the business world.

    CUHK Business School graduates enjoy the largest business school alumni network in Hong Kong, with more than 40,000 graduates worldwide. This unparalleled network, both regional and international, creates long-lasting friendships, business connections, and opportunities for current students and young graduates.

    Dr Ku concluded, ‘The CUHK Business School is a global community where you will have the opportunity to embrace cultural diversity, expand your global network, and develop a truly international worldview.’

    Henry shared a key point: ‘Determination and exposure are the keys to success in the business world. IBBA not only provides you with precious opportunities to widen your horizon through various exchanges, but it also allows you to cherish the chance to learn practically with knowledge and hard work.’

    Published: Summer 2017
    Last Updated: Summer 2022