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The School of Chinese Medicine upholds the following vision for over two decades: (1) To nurture high-calibre Chinese medicine (CM) practitioners with CM theory and clinical operation expertise as well as modern medical knowledge; (2) To nurture CM experts with CM knowledge, ethics and mission; and (3) To promote the continuous development of CM.

To these ends, our School has been ceaselessly collaborating with different local, mainland and overseas universities and organizations to offer clinical practicum and internship training for students, and also to provide clinical services for people in need. We sincerely hope that candidates who are interested in the CM profession can join us in accomplishing our mission of CM inheritance, development and innovation, and towards the goal of offering better health services.

All about Serendipity

Lai Kwan Hiu Coby, a Year-5 Chinese medicine student, may be different from most of his schoolmates. Coby had never thought of becoming a Chinese Medicine Practitioner when he was little. He is not from a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, nor from the medical industry. He would say serendipity brings him to CUHK’s School of Chinese Medicine.

Chinese culture is hugely fascinating to Coby, and he has been eager to delve into the culture. Having exposed himself to popular culture that involves the idea of Yin Yang and the Five Elements, he found himself more obsessed with the culture. In Form 5, Coby started to search the courses that involve these concepts and elements when he thought of which subject he should pursue in the university. Eventually he discovered the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. He didn’t have the idea of becoming a medical practitioner, but he believed this course would be able to help him know more about Chinese culture.

Striving to pursue pure Chinese culture, he found CUHK’s School of Chinese Medicine the best option for him. On Information Day, he learnt that CUHK’s School of Chinese Medicine emphasizes the significance of traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge and offers plenty of clerkship and internship opportunities. Deeply rooted in Chinese medicine tradition, the School also offers modern medicine training. This feature makes CUHK’s School of Chinese Medicine different from its counterparts. Charmed by this unique feature, he began his close bond with the School.

In the School of Chinese Medicine, he has come across different people and things, which are all his important experiences at CUHK.

Teachers are knowledgeable and kind. They teach wholeheartedly and are willing to answer students’ queries, which fulfil Coby’s wish of learning Chinese medicine. Their guidance fosters his academic growth, both theoretical knowledge and clinical applications. The small class size and plentiful tutorial courses enable teachers and students to exchange ideas and inspire one another. With the assiduous guidance of teachers and mind-opening discussions with peers, he has gained a more in-depth understanding of Chinese medicine.

Coby has met like-minded friends and partners at CUHK. He joined the Society of Chinese Medicine with eight classmates in Year 1. Apart from organizing different activities in the School to deepen their relationship, they also promoted the culture of Chinese medicine to different secondary schools. These experiences are very precious, from which he has built close friendship.

In addition to offering general courses, the School of Chinese Medicine also provides many activities such as exchanges. Coby participated in exchange programmes in Hunan and Zhejiang respectively, where he exchanged ideas with local students and gained exposure in diverse Chinese medicine knowledge. Besides having his horizons broadened, he realized that Chinese medicine education should not be confined in the classroom. Only firsthand exposure helps him enhance his knowledge and foster his growth.

CUHK’s Chinese Medicine programme attaches great importance to clinical practices. Under teacher’s supervision, students agilely apply the theoretical knowledge in a clinical setting. It is an opportunity for them to integrate knowledge and experience. It also lays a solid foundation for their future practices. Not only do they learn how to heal a patient, they also understand the role, job and proper attitude of a doctor. Eventually Coby has acquired the art of doctoring, which could only be achieved via personal experiences outside brick-and-mortar classroom. As the School prioritizes internship experience, students are given enough clinical learning opportunities that may minimize the chances of hesitation and helplessness in their future practices.

From foundation courses, classics studies to internship training provided by the School, Coby has transformed himself from a pure academic pursuer to a person with the heart of doctoring. CUHK has opened the door of Chinese medicine for him. No one can master medicine merely with a single undergraduate programme, but they also need theoretical understanding and clinical practices. CUHK has broadened his horizon and increased his willingness to devote himself to traditional Chinese medicine. This programme has undoubtedly laid a sound foundation for his academic pursuit and his continuous advancement on the path of Chinese medicine.

‘Long, long had been my road and far, far was the journey; I would go up and down to seek my heart's desire.’ This is Coby’s encouragement to those aspiring students.

Published: Summer 2021
Last Updated: Summer 2021