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Chinese Medicine

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JUPAS / Non-JUPAS Year 1 / Mainland (Gaokao) / International
Programme Introduction

Nurturing Chinese Medicine Practitioners with Excellent Professional Performance

The aim of the Bachelor of Chinese medicine programme is to equip Chinese Medicine Practitioners with solid theoretical knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as modern medicine. The programme emphasizes traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, including theory and practice, to prepare students with the appropriate professional knowledge, ethics and mission of traditional Chinese medicine. Graduates are dedicated to the sustainable development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

Craft Your Path

The Programme consists of a Pre-clinical Programme (4.5 years) and a Clinical Programme (1.5 years).

  • Pre-clinical Programme
    Students have to complete both required and elective courses, including subjects on basic medical and life sciences, Chinese medical concepts, principles of Chinese medicine application, Chinese medicine classics and history, specialties in Chinese medicine and clinical training. Students who take “Clinical Training” courses may need to undergo training in the summer vacation.
  • Clinical Programme
    In the first year, the students learn in a clinical setting in out-patient clinics and wards in a Chinese medicine hospital in Mainland China. Clinical training covers various specialties in Chinese medicine, including internal medicine, acupuncture and bone setting. Students rotate among various specialties in the hospital and write reports on case histories on selected topics. In the final six months, the students receive advanced clinical training in one or two selected specialties through attachment to a Chinese medicine hospital in the Mainland and/or a specialty clinic in Hong Kong. They also learn about the operation of Chinese medicine clinics in Hong Kong and the diagnosis and treatment of common medical problems in out-patient clinic settings. The students take a professional examination at the end of each term for assessment of their academic performance. The students may need to undergo training during the summer and winter vacations.

Career Prospects

This is an undergraduate programme of Chinese medicine training, which is recognized by the Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Council. Graduates are qualified to sit for the Chinese Medicine Practitioners Licensing Examination, conducted by the council. Those who pass the examination are eligible to become Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners (RCMPs) in Hong Kong. From 2020 to 2022, the pass rate in the licensing examination for our graduates was over 80%.

With solid theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in Chinese Medicine, our graduates have good career prospects. Most of them serve in local Chinese medicine clinics after becoming RCMPs. In addition to clinical service, the graduates have academic knowledge and intellectual skills that prepare them for successful careers in administrative management, research and development, and teaching in government, public and private organisations.

If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of getting accepted.


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