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General Questions

There is a fixed quota for senior-year admission of sub-degree applicants. The University Grants Committee (UGC) has allocated a fixed quota for the University to admit sub-degree applicants into the senior year of study. For 2024-25, 423 senior year students will be admitted to the University.

No. Senior year students who satisfy the conditions for graduation shall be awarded a Bachelor’s degree with one of the following classifications:

  1. First Class Honours
  2. Second Class Honours Upper Division
  3. Second Class Honours Lower Division
  4. Third Class Honours
  5. Pass

All senior years places are funded by the HKSAR Government. Students will pay the tuition fee as those admitted via JUPAS.

The tuition fee for 2024-25 is HK$42,100 per annum.

Once you are admitted, you can apply for financial aids. Students should contact the Scholarships and Financial Aid Section of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

The University offers a number of scholarships, prizes and academic awards to give due recognition to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding performance in other areas, such as creativity, community services and leadership. Many of the scholarship recipients are nominated by Faculties/ Schools/ Departments or other relevant offices at the University, subject to the final selection/ approval by the donors. On the other hand, some scholarships are open to students for application. Announcements of such scholarships will be posted on the web page of the Scholarships and Financial Aid Section.

CUHK has launched the Sports Scholarship Scheme since 2001 to enable members of the Hong Kong National Squad and Youth Squad with HKDSE qualifications and exceptional sporting prowess to study at the University.

Students with outstanding sports achievements will be awarded sports scholarship of HK$15,000 to HK$80,000 per year (renewable subject to conditions). For details of the Sports Scholarship Scheme, please visit the website of Physical Education Unit at

Of all universities in Hong Kong, CUHK is the only one that offers a college experience. Each undergraduate is assigned to one of the constituent Colleges, Chung Chi, New Asia, United, Shaw, Morningside, S.H. Ho, CW Chu, Wu Yee Sun and Lee Woo Sing. The Colleges complement the formal curricula to deliver whole-person education and pastoral care. The college system encourages intimate interaction among teachers, students and alumni.

Applicants who have admitted to a full-time undergraduate programme at the University will be asked to indicate their preferences for college affiliation.

In assigning new students to different Colleges, it is desirable that each College would have students from different faculties/ departments to facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas and to widen the students’ intellectual perspective. The system for assigning new students to Colleges takes into consideration the preferences of students, their study programmes and admission scores. Priority is given to a new student to be assigned to his/her first-preference College if either of his/her parent is an alumnus of the College.

While students will be assigned college affiliation based on their preferences as far as possible, they may not be assigned to their most preferred College owing to limitation of places available.

Yes, students admitted to the University can apply for hostel accommodation. Their applications will be considered by the respective Colleges.

The University has the largest number of hostel places among UGC-funded institutions.

Application Procedures

Applicants may apply for first/ senior year entry and indicate their preference on the application form.

Yes, applicants considered by the Department concerned not suitable for senior year entry will still be considered for the first year entry if deemed appropriate.

No, applicants in their first year of associate degree / higher diploma programme could only apply for Year 1 entry via the Non-JUPAS Year 1 admission scheme.

The closing dates for application are 16 November 2023 (Advance Offer) and 20 February 2024 (Regular Deadline).

Apart from the application form, you should upload the following documents:

i) A photocopy of your Hong Kong Identity Card/Passport (For verification purpose only. It will be deleted from the applicant’s file after the said purpose has been served.)

ii) Copies of your credentials (if applicable):

    1. transcripts and graduation certificate, and / or
    2. diploma / sub-degree / degree transcripts and graduation certificate / diploma, and / or
    3. result slip(s) of public examination(s) (e.g. HKCEE, HKALE, HKDSE,  IB / SAT / AP / GCE / GCSE/  TOEFL / IELTS / others), and / or
    4. professional / academic achievements

(Remarks: Please do not send your original documents by post. The University will not be responsible for any documents lost in the post. Transcripts and diplomas, which are not in English or Chinese must be accompanied by an official English language translation.)

iii) Offer letter for admission from recognised university to which you have been offered admission, where applicable.

iv) Recommendation of an Academic Referee (in a sealed envelope), if not sent directly to the Office by the referee.

You can still apply for admission to the University, provided that you can submit your final examination results and any other required documents by August 2024. You should submit the application form first before the deadlines of application and send the examination results to the University once available.

You may still apply and be considered for a conditional offer at the discretion of the programme.  You may be admitted if you can fulfil the university language requirements in your forthcoming examinations.

The online application fee is HK$450 for 2024 entry. The application fee, once paid, is not refundable irrespective of whether the application is successful or otherwise.

You can only pay the application fee by online payment.

Applicants are required to submit at least one recommendation via online system or by post. You should invite an appropriate person who is familiar with your academic background to be your referee.

Applicants can submit the supporting documents via the Online Application System.

For submitted online applications, applicants cannot make amendments except for personal information such as address, email or contact numbers, etc. Updated information or amendments should be sent by post, fax or email. For all applications, programme / stream preference cannot be amended after submission.

After you have submitted the application you may be invited to attend interviews. However, not all candidates need to attend an interview and also not all departments will arrange interviews. Shortlisted candidates will be notified of the arrangement for interview by email or phone.

Successful applicants will receive notification from the University starting from December to August. However, if you are placed on a waiting list, you may not hear the result of your application until later. If you are not to be offered a place, the University will try to let you know as soon as possible, in order to give you time to make other plans.


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