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Application Details

JUPAS Application

Local students applying to CUHK on the strength of the HKDSE Examination results (past and/or current) should submit their applications via JUPAS. Please visit the JUPAS website ( for eligibility and procedures. The application deadline for 2024 intake is 6 December 2023.

List of Programmes for JUPAS Applicants

For admission in 2023, CUHK offers over 60 undergraduate programme choices to JUPAS applicants, covering over 70 major programmes. Some of these programme choices* have introduced broad-based admission to provide more flexible major programme choices to students. Other programmes at the University will continue to admit students directly.

Please click here for the list of CUHK programmes.

* including most of the major programmes in the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Science.

Important Information for JUPAS Applicants

Important information such as the programme selection principles and HKDSE subject weighting, arrangement for applicants with more than one sitting of HKDSE, interview arrangements and admission scores/grades in the previous admission cycle are available for reference.

Please click here for details.

Special Consideration

School Principal’s Nominations

JUPAS applicants who have outstanding non-academic achievements may be recommended by their school principals for consideration by programmes via School Principal’s Nominations (SPN). For details of SPN, please refer to the JUPAS website (

School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme

School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS) aims at recognising the talent of local secondary students that could not be fully assessed by the HKDSE Examination. It is a "programme-student matching exercise" in essence that provides opportunities for secondary students who have demonstrated exceptional talents and interests in specific discipline / areas to be considered for direct admission to local universities. For details of SNDAS, please refer to

Sports Scholarship Scheme

The CUHK Sports Scholarship Scheme was launched to enable members of the Hong Kong National Squad and Youth Squad with HKDSE qualifications and exceptional sporting prowess to study at the University.

Students with outstanding sports achievements will be awarded sports scholarship of HK$15,000 to HK$80,000 per year. The Maximum years of receiving scholarship is subject to respective study programmes. For details, please visit the website of Physical Education Unit at

Other Special Consideration for JUPAS Applicants

For information of other special consideration (e.g. applicants with disabilities, OEA), please refer to the JUPAS website (