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BBA(IBBA)-JD Double Degree Programme

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Business Administration
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5 Years
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JUPAS / Non-JUPAS Year 1 / Mainland (Gaokao) / International
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Unparalleled and Interdisciplinary Learning Experience

The BBA-JD Programme, the first of its kind in Asia, is a five-year through-train full-time programme designed for students who seek cross-disciplinary knowledge with parallel concentration on legal and business studies. It features a unique combination of business and law courses, allowing students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in these two complementary disciplines. On completing the Programme, students will graduate with an undergraduate (BBA) degree and a postgraduate (JD) degree. These double-degree credentials allow BBA-JD graduates to be well-equipped to assume leadership roles in business and other sectors, including government, community service, law enforcement, education and the media.

Solid Foundation in Both Business and Law

The BBA-JD is an elite programme that provides students with a well-structured inter-disciplinary curriculum to study both business and law in depth. Students have to study 172 units of the BBA major, undergraduate law (LLB), JD and University core courses. The Programme offers a blended, balanced and seamless integration of business and law education from the first year of study. Students can pursue the Integrated BBA Programme curriculum with a business concentration of their choice and take several undergraduate law courses in the junior years. Starting in the fourth year, they gradually concentrate more on legal studies by taking JD courses.

Flexible Option – Completion of the BBA (Minor in Law) in Four Years

The BBA-JD Programme provides flexibility for students to opt out of the double-degree track and complete their studies in four years with a BBA degree, or a BBA degree with a minor in law, subject to fulfilling the relevant graduation requirements, allowing them to tailor their study options according to their interests, strengths and needs.

Career Prospects

The BBA-JD Programme equips its graduates with diverse and versatile skills for both business and law, preparing them for the rapid changes and evolving challenges in Hong Kong, Mainland China and global markets. Graduates will enjoy a wide range of career prospects and advancement opportunities in areas such as:

  • Banking, financial services and regulatory authorities
  • The legal profession, including law firms, barrister’s chambers and company legal departments
  • Global consulting groups
  • Non-profit organizations (national and international)
  • Academia
  • Journalism
  • Leading multinational corporations
  • Government (legal and non-legal)

BBA-JD graduates who aspire to practise law as barristers or solicitors in Hong Kong may apply for the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) Programme. CUHK LAW offers its own PCLL Programme. Graduates who complete the PCLL Programme and subsequent training contracts (in the case of solicitors) or pupillage (in the case of barristers) will be eligible to practise law in Hong Kong.

If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of getting accepted.


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