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Cultural Studies

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Exploring Cultural Studies: Unveiling the Power Dynamics of Contemporary Culture

Cultural Studies is a popular and increasingly influential field of study. It trains students to understand the political dimensions of culture and to examine the ways in which culture is a contested site for conveying different ideologies. Our programme offers a new perspective that helps students have a better understanding of contemporary global culture and enables them to study culture more critically and have a more advanced and sophisticated understanding of power.

We have a broad range of study interests. Through close reading of various texts, including films, literature, theatrical performances, popular music, advertisements, space and new media, we analyse a diverse range of issues and topics that are related to contemporary culture, such as travel, the body politic, modernity, the city, gender, technoscience, consumer culture, visual culture, youth culture, globalisation, cultural policy and digital humanity. We also work closely with the Religious Studies programme to offer a range of courses related to culture and religion. In general, we study both elite and popular cultures critically, and our programme cultivates the acute cultural sensibility of students – an expertise that is highly valued by many professional sectors in contemporary society.

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Career Prospects

The Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies opens the door to a wide range of exciting career paths, allowing graduates to pursue their passion and make a meaningful contribution in various fields. Here are some potential career avenues for Cultural Studies graduates:

  • Theatre
  • Media: editors, reporters
  • Film and art institutions
  • Social welfare organizations
  • NGOs
  • Government
  • University administrative work
  • Human resources
  • Education
  • Postgraduate degree
  • Commercial institutions

Career Fields of Employed 2022 Full-time First Degree Respondents

Art and Design: 33.3%
Environmental Services 11.1%
Multimedia and Digital Entertainment: 11.1%
Marketing: 11.1%
Teaching: 33.3%

If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of getting accepted.


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Faculty of Arts:

Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, Room 301, Leung Kau Kui Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong

(852) 3943 6477