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Programme Introduction

Increasing access to safe, cost-effective medicine is the overarching goal of the teaching, research and entrepreneurial activities of the School of Pharmacy. Launched in 1992, the CUHK Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) programme is the first UGC-funded pharmacy programme in Hong Kong. It is a four-year, full-time, professional degree programme, accredited by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong. It prepares graduates for a one-year internship before pharmacist licensure in Hong Kong. For more than three decades, the academic staff have lived up to the tradition of bringing out the best in each student with a high quality, rigorous and dynamic curriculum.

We have created a nurturing environment that cherishes teamwork, leadership and commitment to civic responsibility. The School also takes pride in raising the awareness of the public of the value of services only pharmacists are qualified to provide. Over 900 pharmacists in Hong Kong are CUHK graduates, accounting for about 27% of the pharmacist work force.

Three Decades of Innovation

  • Pioneered an outcome-based Bachelor of Pharmacy curriculum that is regarded as one of the best.
  • Pioneered the first Master of Clinical Pharmacy and the first Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy in Hong Kong.
  • Pioneered the first university-led community-outreach programme, which also serves as an active learning platform for our students.
  • In partnership with the private sector, successfully translated technological innovations created in the School’s research laboratories into recognized drug and health supplements in Hong Kong.

Programme of Choice for Talented Students

  • Prepares graduates for a successful career in any healthcare setting by emphasizing problem solving, decision making, and critical and creative thinking, built upon a strong foundation of basic knowledge and skills.
  • Exposes students to an array of innovative learning environments, including overseas exchanges and community outreach.
  • Provides a dynamic training programme recognised for its excellence in balancing knowledge- and practice-based teaching, integrating Western and traditional Chinese Medicine, and emphasizing the importance of behavioural and social sciences, which form the foundation of modern patient care.
  • Forged a strong teaching partnership with the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health, community pharmacies, private hospitals, multinational pharmaceutical companies and local pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Has the strong support of alumni and leaders in the pharmacy profession.
  • Is driven by a rich tradition of excellence in discovery, learning and entrepreneurship under the aegis of a world-class academic staff.


CUHK is ranked #71 in the subject of Pharmacy & Pharmacology globally, and among the top 10 universities in Asia. We are also one of eight CUHK subjects ranked 1st in Hong Kong.
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023)

Craft Your Path

4P in Pharmacy Training

  • Professionalism as Drug Experts
  • Passion for Patient Care
  • Partnership with the Healthcare Sector (both local and international)
  • Pathways to Success

Career Prospects

The goal of the Bachelor of Pharmacy program at CUHK is to provide our graduates with the core knowledge, skills and attitude to flourish in any career setting. In general, our graduates are attractive to the employers in all sectors of pharmacy practice.

  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist in Teaching & Research
  • Non-government Organization Pharmacist
  • Public/Private Clinic Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical Industrial Pharmacist
  • Government Pharmacist
  • Retail Community Pharmacist

If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of getting accepted.


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School of Pharmacy:

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