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Develop Wisdom through Our Philosophy Programme

The word “philosophy” literally means “love of wisdom.” We offer a comprehensive programme that combines Eastern and Western philosophical traditions. Our programme provides an unparalleled intellectual adventure, encouraging critical and creative reflection on fundamental questions across various areas of human concern – from morality and the sciences to arts and politics. Through active participation in classroom and tutorial discussions, you will have the opportunity to ask critical questions, provide comments on others’ presentations, put forth your original ideas, and engage with challenges. Our programme not only prepares you for advanced research in philosophy, but also equips you with essential skills for critical reading, analytical thinking and clear communication – qualities highly valued by potential employers. Join our community dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom!


#51–100 in Philosophy (#1 in Hong Kong)
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023)

Craft Your Path

Engage in a diverse range of philosophical courses from various traditions and flexibly cultivate your interests.

Read and write extensively, and effectively express your ideas in research papers and in-class discussions.

Complete an individual research project under the guidance of a supervisor in Year 4.

Develop wisdom through our philosophy programme to tackle the challenges of a complex world.

Career Prospects

We have offered the Annual Internship Programme for undergraduate students since 2014. We collaborate closely with our diverse alumni network, consisting of professionals from various fields, to arrange internship opportunities in a wide range of industries, including culture, publishing, advertising, film and television, theatre and education. Participating students not only acquire valuable work experience, but also develop skills and networks that are beneficial for their future career growth. Since philosophy students are specifically trained to engage in extensive reading and writing, they typically possess highly sought-after skills that make them marketable in a wide range of careers.

  • Business Sector: 17.6%
  • Education, Social and Public Organizations, and Government: 23.5%
  • Further Studies: 41.1%
  • Others: 17.6%

[Figures as of June 2022]

Studying philosophy enhances students’ ability to reason, understand different perspectives and communicate clearly. Our programme equips students with the intellectual ability crucial for self-realization and successful careers.

If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines that are specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of being accepted.


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