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Religious Studies

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Religious Studies: Unveiling the Complexity of Human Beliefs and Practices

Religious Studies considers religion to be an integral part of human thought and activity. It advocates an objective and academic approach to studying religious phenomena and a critical yet sympathetic understanding of people’s religious life. Students may take courses in five areas: Approaches to Religious Studies; Religious Traditions and Classics; Religion, Culture and Society; Classical Languages; and Seminars. To facilitate the development of various study interests of students, the programme offers three areas of concentration: Religion and Culture, Religious Education, and Arabic Studies.

The programme places significant emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, specifically Philosophy of Religion, Psychology of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Ethics, Religion and Education, and Religion and Literature. The primary goal is to familiarize students with the relationship between religion and various academic fields. The Religious Studies programme requires students to engage in fieldwork and research to deepen their understanding of the everyday religious practices in our society and the surrounding region. To bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, the programme offers internship opportunities for undergraduate students, providing them with first-hand experience in the field.


#37 in Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023)

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To Ponder and to Participate (且思且行)

Career Prospects

Religious Studies: Nurturing Critical Thinking in a Pluralistic and Globalized Society

Our Religious Studies programme embraces the broader goal of fostering students’ critical-thinking skills, particularly in the face of today’s pluralistic and globalized society. While Religious Studies may not be solely career-oriented, it equips students with valuable perspectives and abilities that are highly sought after in various professional fields.

Our graduates have achieved success in diverse sectors, such as government, media and publishing, journalism, advertising, business, education, travel and tourism, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Their careers have been both fulfilling and impactful. Some of our graduates decided to further their education by pursuing advanced studies in local or international graduate schools. Alternatively, some choose to undergo formal religious training to enhance their knowledge and devotion.

By emphasizing critical thinking and providing a comprehensive understanding of religious phenomena, our programme empowers students to navigate the complexities of our diverse world, enabling them to excel in their chosen paths and make a valuable contribution to society.

Career Field of 2022 Full-time First Degree Respondents in Employment

  • Administration and Management: 33.3%
  • Health Services: 16.7%
  • Property Development/ Management: 16.7%
  • Retail Management: 16.7%
  • Research: 16.7%

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