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Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

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Programme Introduction

Explore Engineering Innovation in Our Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Programme

Dive into the realm of engineering innovation in our comprehensive Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Programme. Embark on a transformative academic journey, on which the intricate threads of operational research, logistics management, financial acumen, and information systems are intricately intertwined. This programme serves as a launch pad for honing your technical acumen and strategic prowess, enabling you to adeptly navigate the dynamic landscape of technology-driven solutions. Join us to unravel the intricate fabric of modern engineering, skilfully weaving together disciplines that define industries and drive innovation forward.

Craft Your Path

Shape your educational journey with a curriculum that is aligned with your aspirations:

  • Forge Your Trail: Immerse yourself in a transformative journey, on which operational research, logistics mastery, financial insight, and information systems converge, enabling you to craft a personalized path in the field of engineering innovation.
  • Engineering Innovation: Navigate a dynamic educational landscape to unleash your potential by tailoring your learning, whether in supply chain optimisation or strategic information systems, as you weave the fabric of modern engineering innovation.

Join us to craft expertise and embrace growth, making your expedition a masterpiece of brilliance.

Career Prospects

With a curriculum closely related to the four pillar industries in Hong Kong (finance, trading and logistics, professional services and tourism), SEEM graduates are very competitive in the job market. Graduates have joined leading firms, like AIA, Bank of China, Cathy Pacific Airways, FedEx, HSBC, IBM and PCCW, as well as the Hong Kong SAR Government.

SEEM program graduates are ideally suited for positions requiring a strong engineering background (in technologies like AI and mathematics, like mathematical modelling) and a comprehensive understanding of business management. Our graduates are very competitive for jobs such as the following:

  • Asset and wealth management (e.g., data-driven investment strategy design)
  • Information Technology consulting (e.g., providing guidance on technology to companies to meet their business needs)
  • IT companies and IT service roles in banking and e-commerce companies (e.g., developing, supporting, managing and maintaining the IT system in these companies)
  • Supply chain system management in e-commerce (e.g., using data analytics to predict demand and hence plan inventory levels)
  • Dynamic pricing for a broad class of industries (e.g., real-time pricing for flight tickets by incorporating customer behaviour)
  • Healthcare systems management (e.g., appointment scheduling for surgery)
  • Operational analyst for logistics companies (e.g., using optimisation models to improve the operations in logistics systems, such as route planning and scheduling)

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If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of getting accepted.


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