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The programme aims to nurture the future generation of communication professionals. We aim to equip students with a global perspective, valuable hands-on experience, and an innovative and analytical mind to generate world-class communication content. We seek to instil a strong sense of social consciousness and commitment to professional ethics, freedom of expression and social responsibility.

The programme offers three professional streams of study, namely, Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations, and Creative & New Media. All students can acquire hands-on professional experiences via practicum training and summer internship programmes.

Our graduates are highly sought-after by employers from media, advertising, public relations, government, non-government organizations, education and business sectors.

Where it all started

Since high school, Viann Wong has developed a strong interest in mass media. ‘During my secondary studies, I have studied several language courses, which caused me to pay more attention to media.’ Among various media topics, Viann was particularly intrigued by the rhetoric of different stakeholders in our society, how they disseminate and influence public opinion. Such interest and enthusiasm prompted her to study Journalism and Communication at CUHK. The School of Journalism and Communication is ranked 13th in Communication and Media Studies globally according to the QS World University Ranking by Subjects in 2022.

Integration between theory and practice

The programme requires students to complete a series of courses, including the historical development of mass communication, communication theories and ethics for communication. Viann specifically mentioned that she had gained unexpected insights through one of the lectures in mass communication theories. ‘At first, I thought theory courses would be tedious and boring. After close observation, I realized theories that were proposed decades ago are still applicable and inspiring. Learning these theories allows me to better grasp the current social changes and media development, which will be great help to my future career.’ Viann added that she enjoyed having in-depth discussions with lecturers and classmates during small-group tutorials. She pointed out this interactive learning mode is completely different from that of a high school, and it helps to consolidate what she has learned more easily.

Viann (left) presents her team’s idea to clients during practicum coursesViann (left) presents her team’s idea to clients during practicum courses

As mentioned previously, students have the option to choose from three professional streams of interests. Apart from specializing in one professional stream, students can also generalize their studies in various areas according to their interests. Dedicated to the field of advertising, Viann chose to join Pinpoint, the Advertising and Public Relations practicum.

‘Having taken Pinpoint courses for more than a year now, I worked and learned with the same group of classmates. Just like a small advertising agency, we divide our work and perform different roles according to our interests and strengths.’ Pinpoint courses provide students with opportunities to collaborate with both commercial brands and non-profit organizations. Students have to investigate clients’ needs, propose strategic suggestions, and report their findings to clients in person. All are within a short period of time. In the past year, the team of Pinpoint has consecutively cooperated with Mentholatum, Hong Kong Satir Center for Human Development, Hong Kong Academy of Social Work and Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Besides, students gain exposure within the advertising and public relations field through analysing case studies and latest market trends. Among all the classes, Viann is most fascinated by the those on digital marketing and audience analysis, thus she will be pursuing Business Analysis as her postgraduate studies in the UK.

‘Learning by doing’

Internship is a must for all major students and Viann found her time at Swire Properties particularly memorable. ‘It is my honour to be chosen as one of the interns in the Placemaking Academy organized by Swire Properties. Although there were changes to the programme due to the pandemic, the six-month internship programme has allowed me to apply what I have learned, as well as having a deeper understanding of marketing and event planning,’ Viann said. Swire Properties arranged various masterclasses and practical training instructed by company staff and industry experts, which has broadened Viann’s horizons.

Image source: Swire Properties Placemaking Academy

Due to the pandemic, the initially planned Christmas fair could not be held and was transformed into a series of mobile music performances in the community. Viann still had a vivid memory when recalling the whole planning process. ‘Apart from convincing Swire Properties’ board of directors and organizing every aspect of the event, we also learned to be flexible and keep a “Plan B” in mind in response to the fluctuating situation of the pandemic, in order to ensure everything went smoothly under all circumstances.’ During the internship, Viann remembered what she had learned from Pinpoint courses from time to time, especially the idea of ‘learning by doing’. ‘Knowledge from books is definitely important, she said, ‘but you can only apply your knowledge and skills through real-life experiences. Throughout several internships, I was given opportunities to gain hands-on experiences, thus being more prepared for my future career.’

The event organized by Viann was awarded Gold prizes in both the Best Creative Idea and Best Public Event categories at the prestigious 2021 Event Marketing Awards by Campaign Asia-Pacific.

The invaluable internship experience enables students to execute their ideas and work as professionals

A ‘must-have’ for JLM students …?

Having earned a scholarship with outstanding grades in high school and entered CUHK, Viann completed the undergraduate journalism and communication programme and will further her studies in the UK. For those who are interested in applying to the programme, Viann recommended, ‘Students studying journalism and communication should always be curious, open-minded and resilient.’ The society and media industry are ever-changing, she believed that high school students should keep up with the trend and develop their own stances.

Published: Summer 2017
Last Updated: Summer 2022