List of Financial Aid

The below list of financial aid is for reference only. Most of the bursaries and loans are under “University Bursaries and Loans Scheme”. Application details for University Bursaries and Loans Scheme and other financial aid schemes are available at “Open for Application”.

~Angel~ Care Student Assistance Project
A couple of 1976 Chung Chi Graduates Emergency Bursaries
Albert Young Foundation Limited Bursaries
American Women’s Association (H.K.) Student Loan Fund
Au Kwok Yin Charitable Foundation Bursaries
AVX/Kyocera Foundation Loans
Bachelor of Chinese Medicine Student Loan
Caring Alumni Student Activities Fund Student Campus Work Scheme
Chiu Fuksan (Mrs.) Bursaries
Croucher Foundation Fund for Students with Emergency Needs
CUHK Affinity Card Programme-Student Travel Loan Scheme
CUHK Alumni Fund Summer Subsistence Loan
CUHK Alumni Fund Supplementary Student Loans
CUHK Alumni Fund Supplementary Student Travel Loans
CUHK Alumni Fund Temporary Student Loans
CUHK Physical Education Unit Emergency Bursaries
D.H. Chen Foundation Student Bursaries
D.H. Chen Foundation Student Loans
Ellen Li (Mrs.) Student Travel Loans
Emergency Bursaries for Non-local Fee-paying Students
Fan Fang Qi Ying Memorial Bursary
Grant-in-aid for Master of Nursing Science (Pre-registration)
Hamen Fan Bursary
Ho & Ho Foundation Bursary
Hong Kong Housing Society Award
Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants Bursaries
Hong Kong Liberal Studies Teachers’ Association Bursaries
Hong Kong Rotary Club Students’ Loan Fund
Hsin Chong – K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund Bursaries
Hsin Chong – K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund Student Campus Work Scheme
Hui Lai Bik Man Bursaries
Hui Oi Chow Bursaries
International Conference Travel Grant
Joyce M. Kuok Foundation Bursaries
Lam Chiu Ying Bursaries
Li Kwan Hung Education Fund
Li Ping Memorial Bursary
Monster Worldwide Bursaries
Mr. and Mrs. Guo Ziwen Bursaries
Mr. and Mrs. Kwan Pak Hoi Bursary
Mr. Wong Kim Man Bursary
Ms. Hoi Sai Chung and Mr. Hoi Yu Lei Memorial Bursaries
Non-local Experiential Learning Bursary
Providence Foundation Bursaries
Radiology Student Bursary
S.H. Ho Foundation Loans
S.K. Yee Medical Foundation Bursaries
Shanghai Fraternity Association Diligence Bursary
Shanghai Refugee Donation Student Travel Loans
Shell Student Travel Loans
Sing Tao Charitable Foundation Students’ Loan Fund
Sir Run Run Shaw Student Loans
Som Ling Nim Chi Bursary
Soma International Ltd. Loans
The ICAEW Foundation Bursary
The Kenney and William King ’64 Bursary
Tsim Sha Tsui District Kai Fong Welfare Association Bursary Fund
University Bursaries
University Bursaries for Non-local Students
Vic Ho Bursaries
Vitasoy International Holdings Limited Education Bursaries
WEDO Emergency Bursaries for Mainland Undergraduate Students
Winsor Education Foundation Students’ Interest-Free Loan Programme
Yeung Ming Biu and Au Po Kee Bursaries
Zhongjing Chinese Medicine Education Bursaries