Open for Applications

Scholarships for Local Studies
OSH Best Project Scholarship 2023/24

Deadline: 30 September 2024

Link University Scholarship 2024/25

Deadline: 17 July 2024 (by 11:59 p.m.)

Scholarship for Teachers (Pursuit of Master’s Degree Programmes) 2024/25

Application period: Application will be accepted from 16 May to 13 June 2024

CUHK Golden Jubilee Celestial Civilian Scholarship on Hong Kong Literature 2023/24

Deadline: 28 June 2024

The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship 2024/25

Deadline: 4 June 2024

Tung and Ngai Foundation Scholarship 2023/24

Extended Application Deadline: 3 June 2024

Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers 2024/25

– Information Sheet for Secondary School Graduates of Local Student Status
– Information Sheet for Undergraduates / Graduates of Universities of Local Student Status
– Information Sheet for Secondary School Graduates and Undergraduates / Graduates of Universities of Non-local Student Status

Application Period: Application for the Scholarship will be accepted in August 2024.
Details about the application procedure and deadline will be posted on the website of the Education Bureau in June 2024.

Scholarships for Overseas Studies
The Esther Yewpick Lee Millennium Scholarship 2025 (tenable at University of Oxford)

Deadline: 2 September 2024 (before 5:30 p.m.)

TOEFL Hong Kong Scholarship 2024

Deadline: 7 July 2024

For enquiries, please contact ETS at

The S.L. Pao Education Foundation Scholarship 2024/25

Deadline: 3 June 2024

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship 2025 (For Research Students)

Deadline: 13 May 2024 (by 5:00 p.m.)

For enquiries, please contact the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong at or (852) 2522 1184.

The Rhodes Scholarship for Hong Kong SAR 2025

Application period:  From 3 June to 30 September 2024

Information Session and Q&A for Hong Kong Students

General Information:  Click Here
Date:  24 April 2024 (Wednesday)

Time:  5:00 p.m. (Hong Kong Time)
Platform:  Zoom