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Mathematics and Information Engineering

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The Best of Both Worlds

Intuition and rigour are both needed to solve important problems. In this programme, we teach students rigorous mathematical reasoning, and develop their intuition by equipping them with engineering techniques in information sciences. Information sciences identifies a variety of key problems based on real needs, and the mathematical training provides them with essential tools to solve these problems.

The Mathematics and Information Engineering (MIEGN) programme is jointly administered by the Department of Information Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science of CUHK. This is a demanding programme, which is carefully designed for students with an aptitude for mathematics and information sciences, and an appetite for pursuing graduate studies.

Craft Your Path

Not sure what the future holds? Are artificial intelligence and machine learning here to stay? Or is quantum computing going to be the next big thing? Is cybersecurity and the design and safety of computer networks going to be ever more important in this connected age? Are we near the fundamental limits of rates for reliable communication? What if you could choose a major that could prepare you for any or all of these eventualities? One thing is clear: all of them require solutions that demand logical thinking and a solid understanding of the mathematical principles on which the current information systems are built. We cannot be prescient, but we can be best prepared for the future by equipping ourselves with foundational knowledge.

A broad foundation yields greater choices for your future. Our alumni have pursued graduate studies in diverse fields, such as electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, mathematics and finance. To craft your path, you need to choose your elective courses wisely (of course, we have experienced academic mentors to guide you) so that you can tailor the curriculum to prepare you for your future goals.

Career Prospects

The MIEGN programme prepares students for further studies, pursuing research and/or careers that require mathematical sophistication, such as engineering, finance and data science. The programme is ideal for students who want to pursue higher studies in information science and related disciplines, such as computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics. The career prospects of graduates of this programme are promising thanks to the unique combination of abstract mathematical thinking ability and solid engineering know-how they develop for tackling problems. Career opportunities are available in a diversity of fields, including the following:

  • Research – Students can pursue postgraduate studies in areas related to mathematics, information engineering or computer science.
  • Information analysis – Graduates can work in analysing and processing information in quantifiable forms for the finance and banking industries.
  • Engineering – Engineering careers related to networking, security and system management are open to graduates in this field.

A significant proportion of graduates from this small programme have pursued graduate studies in top schools worldwide, including MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Caltech.

If you are interested in this programme, please review the application requirements and deadlines specific to the respective admission scheme to increase your chances of getting accepted.


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