The Student-Athlete Learning Support and Admission (SALSA) Scheme is launched to nurture elite student-athletes with an exceptional record of athletic achievements who aspire to maintaining a dual career in both professional sportsmanship, as well as in undergraduate studies leading to future specific career paths upon retirement from active sports.

Applications will be reviewed based on achievements in sports, with full holistic consideration given to study interests and career plans. Admitted student-athletes will enjoy full-fledged personalized guidance that supports them to excel at both sports and studies, enabled by an established network of sports, academic and career professionals, including a personal advisor and learning professionals at the University, departments and colleges.

Student-athletes participate in an extended normative study period (of up to 12 years for 4-year programme) where competing priorities in sports training, competitions and studies can be integrated seamlessly to enable focused success along their journey.

The excellent learning environment and unique college system at CUHK creates a holistic experience for all-rounded growth of student-athletes, who will fully immerse in CUHK’s learning community, enjoy all standard student benefits, and thrive in personalized pathways that integrate study interests and career aspirations.

Please refer to Eligibility.

Please refer to Eligibility.

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Eligible student-athletes should submit an initial application by 4 Jan 2024.

For more details, please refer to Important Dates.

Please read this document for more details on Eligibility and Elite Vote Level of Elite Athletes.

Please click here for a list of CUHK undergraduate programmes participating in the SALSA Scheme for 2024 Entry.