About the Student-Athlete Learning Support and Admission (SALSA) Scheme

The Student-athlete Learning Support and Admission (SALSA) Scheme is launched for admission in 2024/25. SALSA aims at facilitating admission of student-athletes to the University based on their sports talents, enhancing comprehensive support for these students as they pursue their dual careers as an athlete and as an undergraduate.

Direct Admission

Under SALSA, University will provide direct admission opportunities to student-athletes based on their sports talents and achievements and not academic achievements.

Academic Support

Upon admission, a personal academic advisor will be assigned to provide personalised support to the student-athlete, supporting academic progression, timetabling, and liaison with academic and administrative units. Student-athletes can stay focused on achieving their performance goals in sports and academic development.

Highly Flexible & Extended Duration of Study

The maximum duration of study of student-athletes can be extended (up to 12 years for a 4-year programme). Student-athletes can choose to focus on sports when they are first admitted, starting their study programme later, or can take a lighter study load while they undergo sports training concurrently, or suspend their studies while they attend training or competitions overseas.

Career Development

By engaging its industrial connections and alumni network, CUHK will create opportunities for practicum and internship training to enhance the development of future specific career paths of student-athletes upon retirement from active sports. A tailored programme will be launched that integrates academic studies with practicum/internship, traineeship, career guidance, job preparation, and potential fast-track recruitment.

Full Suite of Student Services

Elite athletes are eligible for all standard student benefits, including participation in student exchange programmes, enrolment in academic minor programmes, etc.


Student-athletes admitted via SALSA may receive scholarships of up to HK$80,000 per annum under the Sports Scholarship Scheme.