School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS)

As per the recommendations of the Task Force on Review of School Curriculum, the School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS) is introduced with the aim of recognising the talent of local secondary students that could not be fully assessed by the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination. It is a “programme-student matching exercise” in essence that provides opportunities for secondary students who have demonstrated exceptional talents and interests in specific disciplines / areas to be considered for direct admission to local universities.

For detailed eligibility and arrangements of SNDAS, please visit the website of Education Bureau (EDB) at

General University Admission Requirements for SNDAS

To be considered by the University, the SNDAS nominees should have:

      • a consistent academic track record indicative of potentials to benefit from an undergraduate programme of studies;
      • track record of excellence or exceptional talents in at least one specific discipline or area; and
      • good performance in selection interview by the programme concerned.

In addition to satisfying the general University requirements, the SNDAS nominees shall satisfy the additional requirements of the programme concerned.

Please click here for the SNDAS admission requirements of CUHK programmes.