Programme-specific Requirements

In addition to satisfying the general University requirements, the SNDAS nominees shall satisfy the additional requirements of the programme concerned.

Please click here for the SNDAS admission requirements of CUHK programmes in 2024 entry.

Note: Not all CUHK programmes participate in the SNDAS, please refer to the programme list below for details.

JUPAS Catalogue No. Programme
JS4006 Anthropology
JS4018 Chinese Language and Literature
JS4020 Cultural Studies
JS4022 Cultural Management
JS4032 English
JS4044 Fine Arts
JS4056 History
JS4068 Japanese Studies
JS4070 Linguistics
JS4094 Philosophy
JS4109 Religious Studies
JS4111 Theology
JS4123 Translation
JS4136 Chinese Studies
JS4202 Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration Programme
JS4226 Hospitality and Real Estate
JS4238 Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis
JS4240 Professional Accountancy
JS4252 Quantitative Finance
JS4254 Interdisciplinary Major Programme in Global Economics and Finance
JS4276 Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science
JS4329 Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health
JS4372 BEd in Early Childhood Education
JS4408 Mechanical and Automation Engineering
JS4412 Computer Science and Engineering
JS4416 Computational Data Science
JS4428 BEng in Financial Technology
JS4434 BEng in Electronic Engineering
JS4446 Information Engineering
JS4458 Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
JS4460 BEng in Biomedical Engineering
JS4462 BEng in Energy and Environmental Engineering
JS4468 BEng in Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies
JS4733 Mathematics and Information Engineering
JS4501 Medicine (MBChB) Programme
JS4537 Public Health
JS4542 Chinese Medicine
JS4550 Biomedical Sciences
JS4601 Science
JS4648 Earth and Environmental Sciences
JS4682 Enrichment Mathematics
JS4690 Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics
JS4719 Risk Management Science
JS4725 Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare Management
JS4760 Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Data Analytics and X Double Major
JS4801 Social Science
JS4812 Architectural Studies
JS4824 Economics
JS4836 Geography and Resource Management
JS4838 Urban Studies
JS4848 Government and Public Administration
JS4850 Journalism and Communication
JS4858 Global Communication
JS4862 Psychology
JS4874 Social Work
JS4886 Sociology
JS4892 Global Studies
JS4893 Data Science and Policy Studies