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Diversity on Campus

CUHK’s emphasis on diversity made it an attractive destination. The university brings together intelligent people with different interests, backgrounds, and goals, allowing its students to move out of their comfort zones and think differently. CUHK also offers high-end research equipment and world-leading expertise. The combination of Eastern and Western perspectives in Hong Kong’s education system produces highly effective cross-cultural professionals.

Kairat Eshbolotov

Mathematics and Information Engineering (Year 4)

The phenomenal collegiate system of CUHK has facilitated my adjustment to university life. I belong to a new college that has an intimate, international, intellectual and involved environment. It is a great opportunity for us to meet new friends, thus expanding your social circle. One crucial benefit of this is that it fosters open-mindedness to embrace differences, meet new people and build friendships with them. This is the core value of the cosmopolitan society of which I am a part, which aims to bring together people with different backgrounds and cultures to promote mutual dialogue.

Exchange Opportunities

Hilde Marie Moholth

Contemporary China Studies (Year 4)

I went on an exchange to Taiwan organised by my programme and it has proven an invaluable experience. I met students from Taiwan and all over the world who all see cross-straits issues differently from how I do. Whether I am taking lessons with my friends, using a foreign language to travel around Taiwan, or making new friends in a new environment, these are all priceless opportunities. An exchange is a great way to continue studying what you like while embarking on your very own adventure.

Yao-Yuan Hsu

Global Economics and Finance (Year 3)

CUHK offers many student exchange programmes, workshops and internships with world class companies, so you not only build professional knowledge of your subject, but also learn practical skills that will help you in your future work. As long as you strive to be outstanding and diligent, you will have many opportunities to benefit from CUHK’s valuable resources.

Pai Kit Raymond

Biology (1999)
Cantonese lecturer at the University of British Columbia in Canada

Back in the days when I was a student in Biology, I participated in an exchange programme to the US where I had a chance to make friends with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This eye-opening experience reinforced my interest in language learning. After graduating from CUHK, I ventured abroad again and pursued my master’s degree in Linguistics in the US.

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Chan Loi-che

Theology (1975)
Performer of Chinese cursive

I was given the chance to go on exchange to the Netherlands. It literally changed my life. I discovered that in the small, thinly populated country, everyone was treated as an equal and unique individual. They were given every latitude in becoming whoever they wanted to be. Such liberty and openness at once enraptured me.

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Academic & Internship

Kristian Jiraruangkiat

Integrated BBA (Year 4)

I gained many different experiences during my internship: chances to join meetings with senior managers, to work with agencies in developing new advertisements and to aid the team in developing a new product. I also had the chance to attend a YouTube event where I met many people who work in the industry. Getting to meet new people, taking up challenges and undertaking training outside the classroom was an unforgettable experience that every undergraduate should have during their university life.

Jackie Yeung

Law (2012)
Corporate Associate at Sidley Austin LLP

My studies at CUHK equipped me well with the analytical, legal research, teamwork and problem-solving skills I needed to be successful during my traineeship. With unfailing guidance from my professors and mentors, various opportunities in local, regional and international mooting competitions, internship programmes and business plan competitions, and abundant student resources, the law became easy to digest.

Stephen Shin

Sociology (1975)
Film Director

The methodological training in sociology requires students to analyse social incidents from multiple perspectives. What seem like disparate incidents could be organized systematically to reveal a coherent pattern.

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Fiona Hui

Music (2001)
Former performer of Kim in Miss Saigon

The Department of Music gave me the most solid foundation which is ‘up to any international standard.’

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Whole-person Development

I received several offers from different universities, and I visited them all to decide which would be the best to attend. Eventually, I chose to pursue further education at CUHK. The main reason for my decision was that when I visited CUHK, I perceived strong bonds among the students, professors and even the school officials, and that really surprised me! These bonds between CUHK people make this school not just a place for learning but more like a home for all the people here.

CUHK is a mini Hong Kong and has always been a platform for great opportunities for everyone and I feel very lucky to be a part of it. I had the chance to be a part of the TEDxCUHK team, which taught me how to work together with a bigger group, enhance my team spirit and make the event a success for everyone. Participating in these societies and activities far from home definitely eased my adjustment to the CUHK community and allowed me to meet so many more new people.

Lau Shyh Tzer

Computer Science (2015)

CUHK provides rigorous academic training and fruitful campus experience. Studying at CUHK was one of the best decisions of my life.

Wesley Louis Alianto

Integrated BBA (Year 3)

What makes CUHK so special? Our unique college system, where you can actually bond and fellowship among students and alumni.

Alan Yip

BBA (2004)
Founder of Guru Online

In the past few years, CUHK has organized various events to enable its students to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. I have also noticed an increase in CUHK-graduates-turned-entrepreneurs. This goes to show the University’s initiatives are heading in the right direction. What I like best about CUHK is its idyllic campus that gives free rein to students’ thoughts and imagination.

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Martin Tsang

Electronic Engineering (2005)
Co-founder of EV Power Group

If I had not studied at CUHK, I would have at most become an engineer in a sizable corporation, much less starting my own business. I enjoyed the rich learning atmosphere at CUHK and embraced horizon-broadening opportunities such as competitions and exchange programmes. In my undergraduate years, I won numerous championships in local technology competitions and eventually went to Fudan University for the 7th National Challenge Cup.

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Arnold Chan

Global Business Studies (2010)
Founder and CEO of Teach4HK

As long as I am in Hong Kong I jumped at every chance to be engaged in extracurricular activities. In the English Debating Team I got to know friends from various disciplines who inspired me to reflect on the role of university students in society. I realized that business is not just about making money, and that business majors do not necessarily have to pursue a career in finance. To study business is to become strategic thinkers who can tackle social problems effectively.

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Rex Sham

Computer Science (2008)
Founder and Cheif Science Officer of Insight Robotics Ltd

Many values I held had been shaped by CUHK’s humanistic campus environment. I took many journalism courses and was the deputy head (external affairs) of the campus’s radio channel. When I was shooting documentaries under my tutor’s guidance, I came across numerous deep-seated contradictions in Hong Kong society. It made me realize that apart from earning a living, one could choose to go to the forefront and lead a social movement or an enterprise, relieve the world of a problem or even fix it.

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Jo Ngai

Journalism and Communication (1989)
Executive Director of The Nonsensemakers

I joined the College’s Drama Club and CUHK Drama Society. After trying my hand at all the different roles, ranging from lighting, make-up, costume, screenwriting to acting, I came to realize the diversified nature of the theatre as an art form. It requires combining the passion and wisdom of dozens of people on stage and backstage to give the audience a two-hour extravaganza. This is right up my alley. Throughout my four-year campus life, drama was virtually my second major.

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